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ICRWY Transition Readers - SSP Approach

One, Two, Three and Away!
Introductory Readers

Start these at the end of the SSP VE Yellow Code Level - 
(See lesson 76 in the ICRWY app - ICRWY Phase 2) At this point learners have a solid foundation of phonemic awareness and phonics skills to be able to start the books, and also see the words segmented while listening to Miss Emma 'follow the sounds to say the words')

The 1,2,3 and Away! Blue Readers are also used within Phase 2 
They continue using Code Level (phonics) readers alongside these One, Two, Three and Away! books. 

The Village With Three Corners books are used as Transition Readers - bridging the gap between Decodable (Phonics) Readers and authentic (real) texts.  

Code Level (Phonics) Reader Guide

The One, Two, Three and Away! Introductory Readers are Code Mapped® in the ICRWY apps.
The Speech Sound Pictographs show learners how each Sound Pic® (grapheme) is pronounced, as many words have graphemes not covered in the 4 Code Levels. They are able to learn far more high frequency ('exception') words in meaningful context. 

Introductory Books 1 - 16 can be purchased as regular (non mapped) books with a teacher 'Big Book' that is mapped, so that attention is given to the phoneme to grapheme mapping.  
This is because children need to develop Orthographic Mapping skills as early as possible. 


The Introductory Readers are Code Mapped® and Monster Mapped® in the ICRWY app

Blue Books - Lesson 95 in the ICRWY app.

ICRWY app - Blue Books
One, Two, Three and Away! Blue Books
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