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Remembering and sharing stories written by Sheila McCullagh.

One, Two, Three and Away!

For a limited time only you can read 1,2,3 and Away! and the Griffin Pirate Series on
Also read in the ICRWY lessons app as we are Code Mapping them - 


Introductory Books

These are being printed for a special print run to promote the ICRWY Project Lessons. These books will feature in Phase 2 and 3 lessons, and also be available as E-Books.  Miss Emma, The Reading Whisperer, has created the lessons so that anyone can learn to read - for pleasure - with the right tools and support.  

Blue Books

Red Books

Yellow Books

Green Books

Code Mapped®  One, Two, Three and Away! Books can be read in the ICRWY Code Mapping app. ! Children can learn to read more easily, as we are showing the phoneme to grapheme mapping, and ALSO how to pronounce each grapheme! Children become orthographic mappers!

Miss Emma has developed her approach to better support neurodiverse learners; she has a Masters Degree in SEN, and is undertaking doctoral research at the University of Reading. 

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