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Tim and Tobias by Sheila McCullagh
Tim amd Tobias from Sheila McCcullagh

Tim and the Hidden People by Sheila K McCullagh is a 1970s reading scheme originally devised for young children 4-7yrs. It consists of 32 books, each 32 pages long and illustrated by Pat Cook and later Ray Mutimer.
There are also four lesser known paperback "novella" books intended for older readers.
Miss Emma - Director of The Reading Hut - would like to bring these back into the hands of children in  hard copy form. She is working hard to make that happen. Until then please enjoy the e-readers! Paul's fabulous videos have been embedded. Please support his youtube channel.


Series A

  • A1. Tim and Tobias

  • A2. All the Fun of the Fair

  • A3. Tim Meets Captain Jory

  • A4. Tim and the Smugglers

  • A5. Tim and the Witches

  • A6. The Highwayman

  • A7. Magic in the Yard

  • A8. The Key

Series B

  • B1. The Return of the Key

  • B2. Captain Jory Lends a Hand

  • B3. The Stump People

  • B4. Watchers in the Yard

  • B5. Red for Danger

  • B6. At the House of the Safe Witch

  • B7. Tim in Hiding

  • B8. On the night of the Full Moon

Series C

  • C1. The Pool by the Whispering Trees

  • C2. Tim in Trouble

  • C3. On the Road to the North

  • C4. Riding into Danger

  • C5. Mandrake's Castle

  • C6. Escape by Night

  • C7. Three Fires on the Dark Tower

  • C8. Tim Rides on the Ghost Bus

Series D

  • D1. News from the North

  • D2. The Cry in the Dark

  • D3. The Shield Stone

  • D4. The Storm over the Sea

  • D5. The Cave of the Wind Witches

  • D6. In Diaman's Cave

  • D7. Danger on the Moor

  • D8. At the Hill of the Stone Prisons

Tim and Tobias - Sheila McCullagh
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