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Emma Hartnell-Baker graduated as a primary school teacher and, despite being advised not to use the "1,2,3 and Away!" books with her Reception and Year 1 classes, she ignored that directive and quietly inspired her class to read.

For the past 20+ years, she has continued to do what's best for her students, regardless of politics or policy.
After returning to the UK following over a decade in Australia, and a two-year journey to obtain the publishing rights, she is determined to get them into the hands of another generation of children. These children can then learn to read in ways that lead to them becoming skilled readers who read for pleasure!

"I don't leave anything to chance: being able to read is a fundamental right that I ensure all children are granted, reflecting my unwavering commitment to their literacy and education."
Emma Hartnell-Baker

Emma Hartnell-Baker's Speech Sound Pics Approach is used across Australia and by home-schooling families: enjoy free access to resources below

Growing Word Wings: Speech Sound Mapping

Emma Hartnell-Baker is an Innovate UK Award Winner: Word Wings: Early Dyslexia Screening with Speech and Phonemic Awareness Therapy
A unique and innovative speech production device
"I Can Speak Without You'

Growing Word Wings - Orthog-Graphix - Speech Sound Mapping
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