Stories written by Sheila McCullagh.
Code and Monster Mapped by Miss Emma!


One, Two, Three
Roger, Billy, Jennifer and Johnny
Big and Little
The Little Yellow Cat and the Little Brown Mouse
The Cat and the Mouse, the Dog and the Frog
Billy went to school
Jennifer went to school
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Brown
Roger and the Ball
Roger and the Bus
I see green
No, Percy Green
The yellow cat and the brown dog
Jennifer and the yellow cat
Stop it, Percy Green!
Alex at the fair
Billy's picture
The donkey went to school
Roger Red-hat and Mrs Green's hat
Billy Blue-hat and the Snowman
Jennifer Yellow-hat and the white cat
Jennifer Yellow-hat and Mr Brown's goat
Four, Five, Six
Seven Geese
The big man and the little mouse
Eight, nice, ten, eleven, twelve
Stop! cried Alex
Roger at the fair
Billy Blue-hat and the red mask
Roger and the frog
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Introductory Books

Roger Red-hat
Billy Blue-hat
Johnny and Jennifer Yellow-hat
The Old Man
Jennifer Yellow-hat went in the sunshine
Jennifer Yellow-hat went in the dark the
Roger and Rip
Roger and the Pond
Roger and Mrs. Blue-hat
Roger and the Little Mouse
Sita and Ramu
Jennifer Yellow-hat went into town
The Donkey Went to Town
Percy Green
Little Brown Mouse went in the dark
Mrs. Blue-hat and the little Brown Mouse
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Blue Books

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The Village With Three Corners
The Old Man and the Wind
Gopal and the Little White Cat
Billy Blue-hat and the Duck Pond
The Cat and the Feather
Roger and the Ghost
The Haystack
The Donkey
The Empty House
The Island in Deep River
The Two Gaints
The House in the Corner of the Wood
The Cat's Dance
The Stepping Stones
Billy Blue-hat's Day
The White Owls
The Lost Dog
The Three Robbers
A Boat on Deep River
The House in Dark Woods
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Red Books

Jennifer and the Little Black Horse
The Old Red Bus
Billy and Percy Green
Roger Rings the Bell
Mr Brown's Goat
Tom and the Monster
The Ghost Train
Sita and the Robin
The Hole in the Wall
The Little Red Fox
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Yellow Books

The House Across the Street
Roger and the Cats
Christmas in the Village With Three Corners
The Sleeping Giant
Dancing Ann and the Green-Gruff-Grackle
The Fire in the Magic Wood
The Witch Who Lived Next Door
The King of the Magic Mountain
The Horse that Flew in the Moonlight
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Green Books

Roger and the School Bus
The Little Old Man and the Little Black Cat
The Little Old Woman and the Grandfather Clock
Sita Climbs the Wall
When the School Door was Shut
The Big Man, the Witch and the Donkey
Caterpillars and Butterflies
The Little Old Man and the Magic Stick
Benjamin and the Little Fox
The Cat and the Witch's Supper
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The Speech Sound Monsters are an alternative to the phonetic symbols used within the IPA, and represent speech sounds. Letters don't 'make sounds' - they represent specific speech sounds, but WHICH speech sound depends on the word! So the Speech Sound Monsters link directly with their own speech sound...not a letter, or a word spelt with one spelling choice for that phoneme. 

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The King of the Magic Mountain