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Orthographic Mapping Tool - The Reading Hut
Word Mapping with Miss Emma - Orthographic Mapping Tool!

Orthographic Mapping (Grapheme Code Mapping) Tool. Graphemes made visible!

Get the groundbreaking Orthographic Mapping Tool app from the App Store or google play! Ideal for phones and tablets!
Use on all school devices for $95 per month - current special offer $55 per month!
Code Mapped texts are being added to the app to demonstrate it's capabilities. 

The tool also available for those with the ICRWY Lessons app, which is $5.50 per month. Use on up to 2 devices. Cancel at any time.

Kids can type words and check the mapping! Great for teacher training too. Find any words in red? Email them to me and I’ll add! Help me build a fantastic word bank to visually show where graphemes are in written words.

Miss Emma


Embracing the Neurodiverse Classroom.






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