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A BRAND NEW limited series from The Reading Hut Ltd can now be ordered. Published Nov 2021.

Order the 1,2,3 and Away Set of 16 Introductory Books A - P.

These are popular 'Story People' characters from the Village with Three Corners, by Sheila K McCulllagh. Illustrations by Ferelith Eccles Williams

These Special Edition BRAND NEW books can also be ordered separately for a limited time only. Published by The Reading Hut Ltd 


A - Roger Red-hat
B - Billy Blue-hat
C - Johnny and Jennifer Yellow-hat
D - The Old Man
E- Jennifer Yellow-hat went out in the sunshine
F - Jennifer Yellow-hat went out in the dark
G - Roger and Rip
H - Roger and the Pond
I - Roger and Mrs Blue-hat
J - Roger and the Little Mouse
K - Sita and Ramu
L - Jennifer Yellow-hat went to town
M - The Donkey Went to Town
N - Percy Green
O - The Little Brown Mouse went out in the dark
P - Mrs Blue-hat and the Little Brown Mouse

We are excited to bring back 'The Hats' and to introduce a new generation of children to books  written by Sheila McCullagh, author of the popular TV series 'Puddle Lane'. 

1,2,3 and Away! - Intro Books A - P - One, Two, Three and Away! Series

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